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The treasures of our land

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Tuscany offers wonderful landscapes, from the sea to the mountains, passing through an infinite number of hills that are tinged with yellow and green depending on the seasons. The variety of flora that surrounds us, and especially the profiles of the hills with the cypress trees silhouetted against the setting sun, inspired our brand. Hidden among the slopes of the Tuscan hills, there are countless medieval villages with ancient walls, and well-preserved Renaissance villages, which take us back to our past, full of history. An example of this is the vicissitudes of the Medici family in Florence who permanently marked all the architecture of the area and with their famous coat of arms which inspired our AGRUMOROSA FIORENTINO fragrance; the ancient battles between nearby cities and towns, the signs of which are still visible in all the ancient villages; the passage of countless artists such as Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti who gave an important imprint to our Renaissance and who left us priceless masterpieces. If we talk about Tuscany we cannot fail to mention the food and wine culture, which combines products from the land with wines recognized throughout the world; we wanted to recreate this combination in our compositions of WHITE GRAPES and RED GRAPES.

The various small streams between the hills give the green coats of the hills, on less hot mornings, a veil of dew that shines in the sun; and we have tried to recreate this atmosphere and sensation in our SPRING WATER; just as EFFLUVIO di LINO was inspired by the smell of laundry freshly hung in the sun among the lines of old farmhouses. Furthermore, the ancient traditions of arts and crafts of the Florentine territory, sculpted entirely on Giotto's Bell Tower, inspired us for the CUOIO TOSCANO fragrance, the scent of which can still be breathed in the streets and markets of Florence; just as the tradition of tobacconists in the Empoli area did it for RUM & TOBACCO and the white gold of our ancestors gave life to ETRUSCAN SALT.

The intent of ELISIR DI COLLINA is to bring the smells and scents of our lands into your homes, enhancing its beautiful things and using only natural raw materials.

Our products are entirely made in the area, from creation to packaging, with particular attention to eco-sustainability and the recovery of materials.